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Sanitary pass: are you concerned by the 800,000 passes deactivated this Saturday, January 15?


After an initial deadline set for December 15, more than 800,000 French people could see their health pass deactivated from this Saturday, January 15.

According to the Ministry of Health, several hundred thousand citizens over the age of 18 could be banned from bars, restaurants or cinemas from this weekend. And many are not yet aware of it or do not know what to do if they are affected by this new ultimatum.

In order to know if you are concerned or not by this deadline of January 15, four scenarios are proposed:

If you use TousAntiCovid

The first concerns people who use the TousAntiCovid mobile application (downloaded nearly 50 million times). If you received your 2nd dose of vaccine seven months or more ago and your digital notebook (included in the application) includes your health pass (two doses), then TousAntiCovid must display an alert (colored in yellow) in head of the pass stating that “this pass will no longer be valid as of January 15, 2022. A reminder is required”. This means you received your 2nd dose on or before June 15, 2021. The QR code of your pass on TousAntiCovid also indicates below the date on which you received this 2nd dose.

If you have not downloaded TousAntiCovid

In the event that you do not use TousAntiCovid and your health pass is printed on the sheet that you were given after the 2nd dose, simply remember that your health pass will no longer be valid from January 15 if you are vaccinated for the second time on or before June 15. Again, your sheet should show the date the second shot was given.

It should be noted that Health Insurance has set up the “My Covid Vaccine reminder” service. This allows you to know the date from which the booster dose is possible and thus know the expiry date of your health pass.

If you have recently been infected

However, in the event that you have been infected with the virus in the meantime and you have received a QR code attached to your antigen or PCR test document, be aware that your health pass is automatically extended by six months from the date on which the test was done. Thus, a person who has received two doses of vaccine and who tested positive on January 3, will then have a certificate of recovery which will postpone the date of validity until July 2, 2022 inclusive, for example.

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If you received a first dose recently

The new measures imposed by the government have also encouraged some French people to take the plunge into vaccination. If you have received your first dose in recent weeks, the health pass will be effective as soon as you have received the second dose.

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