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Smartphone: this solution to educate teenagers about screen time


How to encourage teenagers to spend less time in front of their smartphone screen? A sensitive issue within families, but the start-up Pozzz, and its educational kit, could well offer a little breathing room.

While the Médiamétrie institute highlighted an increasing amount of time spent by teenagers on their mobile, the study carried out at the end of 2020 estimated the time spent by 11-14 year olds in front of their smartphone at 2 hours 29 minutes per day. Data that demonstrates a growing attraction for screens, sometimes to the detriment of other activities.

If some parents use parental control solutions to disconnect the phones (often remotely) or impose a limited time of use during the day, the Pozzz pouch above all invites the teenager to put away his phone and the time that this device stays there. is converted into rewards.

Concretely, this pocket, which we were able to test, is the equivalent of a flat kit whose zip of the zipper detects if the smartphone is tidy and if the cover is closed. Parents then receive a notification on their mobile (via a dedicated application) to indicate that their child has played the game well.

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Above all, when night comes and bedtime comes, if the smartphone is removed from the bag, then the parents are immediately notified. The idea being mainly to limit interactions with a screen during their hours of sleep, but also the effects of blue light, considered harmful for falling asleep in particular.

A family challenge

In fact, teens can earn trophies and set goals to reduce screen time. Consult it even less allowing to obtain more points. For their part, parents have another vision of the same application by being able to consult and see the efforts (or bad points) made by their child. Note that it is possible to challenge the whole family for those who would invest in several Pozzz. In this case, parents can also participate and get rid of their mobile too. The advantage is to be able to decide together on the use of this pocket and to set objectives for your children.

Scientific or cultural content will be offered to young teenagers.
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The Pozzz pouch is sold at a price of 59.90 euros and includes access to the mobile application as well as a rechargeable battery for its connected system.

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