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Home Technology Beijing Olympics: robots in canteens to avoid spreading Covid-19 (video)

Beijing Olympics: robots in canteens to avoid spreading Covid-19 (video)


A sanitized canteen until the service. In order to meet the health requirements related to Covid-19, the Beijing Olympics promise to deploy 70 robots to manage the athletes’ restaurant. Their goal ? Limit the spread of the virus.

In a video relayed by The Sun (available below), we can see this high-tech canteen where robotic systems are working to prepare the dishes from the kitchen in the back room before passing the dishes to mechanized trays for place them directly on the tables. While each guest is isolated for plexiglass.

“In the Haidian district where we are, we have high-tech products developed here, such as disinfection robots and contactless delivery robots, which are one of the highlights of our event during the pandemic,” a thus detailed Shi Wei, deputy director of the Wukesong stadium, to the media Global Times, whose report emphasizes the devices implemented for the Winter Olympics which will take place from February 4 to 20.

Robots for room service

In this pandemic context, the organizers of the Olympic Games explained that they had deployed a robotic fleet for many tasks. Robots capable of carrying up to 300 kilos of equipment and products will make it possible to distribute or deposit them within the stadium, in order to favor contactless. Robots capable of following a defined path, but which are also able to avoid obstacles and go and recharge themselves as do household robot vacuum cleaners, for example.

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Domestic robots will also be present in the Olympic village but also in hotels. In China, the coronavirus has made it possible for many months to experiment with robots on wheels capable of ensuring deliveries for room services.

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