Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Wordle clones banned from the app store


Wordle’s international and overwhelming success in recent weeks has visibly appealed to developers lacking inspiration who have quickly rolled out the concept on mobile application platforms. Clones that were quickly banned by Apple for its iPhones.

Denounced in recent days on social networks, several apps had indeed carved out a place of choice within the App Store by offering to play the equivalent of Wordle, while this ultra-popular English-speaking game, created by the British Josh Wardle for his wife, is completely free, without advertising, and accessible via a dedicated website and without registration.

The tweeters Andy Baio had notably denounced the “shameful” clones of Wordle who also allowed themselves to include purchases and collect personal data.

The American site The Verge highlighted this Wednesday, January 12 the withdrawal of these mobile apps which went so far as to take the name Wordle to be listed on the App Store.

Always present on Android

A problem that also affects the Google Play Store which still offers Android applications using the word Wordle, or even drawing inspiration from its graphic charter (see our screenshot below).


If you have downloaded one of them, please note that these applications are unofficial clones of the famous game on which its creator does not receive any royalties, since the original game is 100% free.

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Then again, some contain in-app purchases, while others also display ads, or both. This Wednesday, January 12, these latest Android applications have not been removed from the Google Play Store.

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