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Sutom: A French Wordle inspired by Motus is available


While Wordle is the new game everyone is talking about on social media, this one is still limited to an English-speaking audience. For fans of Molière’s language, the Sutom game should quickly gain popularity.

Anagram of the word Motus, pronounced backwards, Sutom invites you to follow the same rules as Wordle, but in French. Something to seduce nostalgic fans of the famous game show broadcast between 1990 and 2019. Like Wordle, Sutom is an online game, available HERE, and which can be played only via a browser, on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Free and without registration, Sutom invites you to find a word comprising a certain number of letters. Six trials are offered. The words must be in the dictionary and a color code is proposed to refine its search. So when a letter is displayed in red, it is in the right place in the word to be guessed. If it is circled in yellow, it is in the word but must be placed elsewhere. The letters that remain gray are automatically deleted from the small virtual keyboard at the bottom of the page, in order to make it clear that they are not in the final word.

A valuable clue unlike Wordle

Just like Wordle, a different word needs to be found every day. However, if Wordle currently only relies on five-letter words, Sutom offers variable-size words. However, the French game offers an interesting clue since the first letter of the word to be guessed is always indicated on the first try, which makes it possible to limit the field of research. Where Wordle lets the player find a word in six tries without any clue.

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Sutom was developed by a French, known as @Jonamaths on Twitter. A tweeter who presents himself as a 30-year-old computer engineer.

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