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PUK code: how to find it?


It is an eight-digit code that is often very useful in the event of a blockage with your smartphone. The famous PUK code, for “PIN Unlock Key”, can be requested if you have dialed the wrong PIN code on your mobile phone three times.

Indeed, each device including a SIM card to connect gives you three attempts to enter the four-digit PIN code when you turn it on before blocking access to the network. If you forget or after someone has tried to use your mobile without your knowledge, for example, the PUK code is the equivalent of an emergency key to unlock the SIM card. It is strongly recommended that you write it down on a tidy paper when needed, but many don’t.

In order to find it, several solutions are available to you. First of all, if you still have the mail related to sending your SIM card, know that the PUK code is normally specified by your operator. In addition, the plastic backing that surrounded the pre-cut SIM also makes this clear.

access to the customer area

If you do not have this mail or the plastic support do not panic, other means are proposed. If you went through a telephone operator to acquire your smartphone, it is possible that your package contract linked to the telephone indicates the IMEI number, but also the PUK code. However, not all operators indicate this. The easiest and fastest way is to go to your operator’s customer or subscriber area. A section should normally help you find it via the troubleshooting or assistance section.

If you cannot access your space via the Internet, you can choose to make a phone call to your operator’s customer service. Have your identifiers ready, they will be requested, as well as certain information necessary to verify your identity.

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Once the PUK code has been retrieved, you can then turn your phone back on. The blocked SIM card will then ask you to enter the eight-digit code. Be careful not to make a mistake, after ten successive erroneous attempts to enter this code, the SIM card will then be blocked … permanently.

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