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Covid-19: contact case, Boris Johnson cancels a visit in the midst of political turmoil


Another disappointment. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the midst of political turmoil due to his participation in a party in full confinement, canceled a visit to a vaccination center in the country on Thursday. Reason? “A member of his family” tested positive for Covid-19, Downing Street said.

The head of government was to go to the north-west of England and answer questions from journalists, eager to hear him explain himself, while the opposition castigates his deviations from the health protocol he himself has participated in enacting. Is the Prime Minister being extremely cautious or is he taking the opportunity to keep a low profile? Under rules in England, contact cases, including from the same household, must only self-isolate if they themselves test positive or show symptoms.

The worst crisis since coming to power

The cancellation comes as Boris Johnson, 57, faces the worst crisis since coming to power in July 2019. As revelations mount about parties held in Downing Street during lockdowns for the past two years, he has admitted that Wednesday having attended a pot in the gardens of his residence on May 20, 2020.

There was no doubt as to the nature of the event and its disregard for the rules in force at the time in the United Kingdom. An invitation had been sent by his private secretary to a hundred people with the suggestion to bring their bottles. In May 2020, the English could only meet one person outdoors and many remember not being able to say goodbye to their dying loved ones, having funerals by videoconference or seeing their grandparents through a window.

Boris Johnson has apologized but the opposition, as well as certain figures of his majority, are asking for his departure. On this subject, he referred to the conclusions of an internal investigation, the results of which are not expected before at best next week.

Members of his government gave him their support, but the very cold words of the tweet of Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, considered one of the favorites to replace him, were widely commented on.

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