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Assault on the Capitol: a Republican leader refuses to cooperate


Invited to testify before the parliamentary committee which seeks to know the role of Donald Trump in the attack on Capitol Hill, Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives has displayed an end of inadmissibility. “The commission wants to hear from me about public statements already shared with the rest of the world and private conversations that have nothing to do with the violence on Capitol Hill. I have nothing to add,” he said, adding: “I have decided without regret or satisfaction not to participate in the abuse of power committed by this commission. “.

Earlier Wednesday, the chairman of the commission Bennie Thompson had offered him “a meeting on February 3 or 4” in order to discuss in particular his “conversations with President Trump before, during and after the violent attack of January 6, 2021”.

“You admitted to having spoken directly with the former president while the violence was in progress”, which would make it possible to know “his state of mind” at that time, noted the elected Democrat in his letter published on the committee website. This seeks to establish the responsibility of Donald Trump and his entourage in the assault on the seat of Congress by several hundred of his supporters, when the elected officials certified the victory of his rival Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Right after the attack, the violence of which shocked the whole world, Kevin McCarthy had criticized Donald Trump who had scalded the spirits of his constituents with allegations of electoral fraud unsubstantiated for several weeks and until the minutes before his coup .

But, like the vast majority of Republicans, the elected representative of the House has since lined up in the wake of the former president who retains a strong hold on his party and his voters. His control is such that none of his relatives or former allies has so far agreed to testify before the commission, even in the event of a subpoena.

For the time being, the commission has still heard more than 300 people, behind closed doors, and is making headway in the hope of publishing its conclusions before the midterm elections in November 2022. If the Democrats lose control of the Chamber during the ballot, it is indeed in danger of being dissolved by the Republicans.

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