Home World News Airspace will be limited above Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II resides

Airspace will be limited above Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II resides


Planes will no longer be able to fly low over Windsor Castle, on the outskirts of London where Queen Elizabeth II has resided since the start of the pandemic, local police announced on Tuesday. This airspace restriction, up to 2,500 feet (760 meters) and within a radius of 1.25 nautical miles around the castle, will come into force on January 27, said the Thames Valley Police, stressing that this decision had been taken following a public consultation.

“Any flight within this restricted area will require authorization”, under penalty of prosecution, she detailed in a press release. As well as ‘regular’ police patrols and ‘other security measures’, ‘this order is an additional method of maintaining the safety of the community living near this iconic location’, located very close to London Airport. ‘Heathrow.

Police will also have more powers to stop illegal drones in the area, the Daily Mail said.

A decision that goes wrong

This decision to limit airspace comes after a man had tried on Christmas Day to break into the territory of the castle where Elizabeth II, 95, lives and where she spent the holidays, armed with a crossbow. .

It goes badly with the association “Stop Heathrow Expansion”, which militates against the expansion of this airport, the largest in the United Kingdom. It involves redefining flight paths west of the airport, which “could lead to overflights of other areas and disrupt the lives of more people,” activist Geraldine Nicholson said in a statement.

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