Home World News Covid-19: Boris Johnson again in embarrassment around accusations of party under confinement

Covid-19: Boris Johnson again in embarrassment around accusations of party under confinement


After accusations of Christmas 2020 holidays in power circles in the UK, which led to the opening of an internal investigation, accusations have emerged in recent days about a party on the 20th. May 2020, at which, according to some British media, the Prime Minister was present with his wife Carrie.

On Monday, the ITV News channel claimed that Boris Johnson’s chief private secretary, Martin Reynolds, had sent an email that day to a hundred people, inviting them “after an incredibly busy period” to “take advantage of the fine weather ”during a“ social distancing ”drink in Downing Street Gardens. “Join us from 6pm and bring your own drinks,” the message concluded. At this date, the country was however confined.

Asked – before this publication – about his presence at this event, Boris Johnson contented himself with an embarrassed smile to refer to the ongoing investigation.


Labor opposition number two Angela Rayner called on the head of government to “tell the truth”, accusing him of “disregarding” the rules. “When he was partying, frontline workers put their lives at risk,” she tweeted, referring to healthcare workers, “and too many of us have lost loved ones and could not say a real goodbye to them ”.

A month ago, Boris Johnson adviser Allegra Stratton resigned after the publication of a video in which she appeared joking about a Christmas party that allegedly took place in Downing Street last year.

To this was added at the end of December the publication by the site of the newspaper The Guardian (left) of a photo showing the head of government and collaborators with cheese and glasses of wine in the garden of Downing Street. Boris Johnson’s services replied that it was a working meeting.

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