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Gluten: these 5 foods to avoid in case of intolerance


More and more French people are adopting gluten-free diets. Although the prevalence of this condition in the population is not known, the figure of 1% is regularly quoted for France.

When it is serious, it can destroy the lining of the small intestine and cause various symptoms such as anemia or bone pain. To guard against it, you must ban foods that carry your proteins. Here are the ones that contain the most.

The bread

In the form of a baguette or ball, bread is very present in the eating habits of the French at all stages of the meal. It still contains gluten. This mixture of proteins is also used to make it rise: “gluten” comes from the Latin “glue”. It is now possible to find gluten-free breads, made from rice or corn flour, but you will have to pay the price.


Flour is used to prepare many foods apart from bread such as cakes. Gluten intolerant people must therefore be vigilant about the composition of pastries. However, gluten-free flours are commercially available, especially in supermarkets.


Made from wheat, pasta contains gluten. Those who are intolerant must therefore absolutely avoid them, whatever their form: spaghetti, penne, ravioli, etc. Many alternatives allow you to cook meals al dente. For example, there are coral or green lentil pastes.


Beverages may also contain gluten. This is the case with beer. Its brewing uses cereals such as wheat or barley, therefore the intolerant will have to go their way. With the explosion of micro-breweries, there are plenty of gluten-free options available on the market. They feature the crossed-out ear of corn logo.

The pizza

Easy to prepare and even easier to order, the pizza is on the red list of foods containing gluten. Indeed, its dough is prepared from flour. But fortunately there are still alternatives. Many simple recipes, based on rice flour and cornstarch, make it possible to prepare pizzas compatible with a strict diet.

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