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Boris Johnson overwhelmed by the party gate, resignation close?


The “party-gate” earthquake overwhelms Boris Johnson. The discovery of his participation in a party organized, on May 20, 2020, in the gardens of Downing Street, while the United Kingdom was in full swing lockdown, risks putting an end to his mandate as prime minister.
The apologies of the number one on Downing street during the session of the House of Commons two days ago to appease the spirits. According to the English newspaper Guardian, more than 60% of Conservative MPs are now in favor of the resignation of the head of government.

To the young number one of the Scottish Conservative branch, Douglas Ross, the deputies gradually added Roger Gale, Caroline Nokes and William Wragg. The members of the Council of Ministers, including the Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, they have instead squared around Boris Johnson. Ross, who is also an MP and member of the Scottish Parliament, has warned that he will write to the 1922 Commission, the body within the Tory parliamentary group that organizes competitions for conservative leadership, to register his lack of trust in the prime minister.

For a hypothetical distrust of Boris Johnson, the letters of 54 of the conservative deputies would be needed and then the challenge to the top would be opened.

Boris Johnson, che what happened

It all started with the publication of an email sent by private secretary of the premier, Martin Reynolds, to a hundred guests in which participants were encouraged to “bring a drink”.

But this is just the umpteenth of the scandals on parties held during the pandemic. And this time BoJo could not escape the explanations: he acknowledged that he had intervened in that forum, as already leaked to the newspapers and that he had spent about “25 minutes” there to “thank the staff” for the stress endured in the previous months. due to Brexit.

He then tried to downsize what had happened by clinging to the thesis of having believed “implicitly that it was a work event”, albeit a convivial one, given that the garden was used as an “extension of the working space” precisely because of the anti-Covid precautions. .

But not without adding “with hindsight” that he was “wrong” not to send everyone back in and not to think that “millions and millions of people simply could never see” that reunion if not as a circumvention by privileged people of the rules imposed on the rest of the country.

But that of April 2020 is not the only party, organized in Downing Street, in spite of the lockdown. A new scandal, reported by the Telegraph, talks about alcohol and celebrations the night before funeral of Prince Philip, when Boris Johnson’s staff would gather to greet James Slack, the premier’s head of communications. It was April 16, 2021 and the next day the whole world would see the images of Queen Elizabeth sitting alone in the church, at her husband’s funeral, in compliance with anti-Covid regulations.

In short, getting out clean this time seems difficult and for BoJo, it seems, the party seems to be over (“The party’s is over” as the Daily Mirror headlines on the front page of January 12).

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